Instagram World-Wide Challenge

Ok, it’s not that big but I think it’s a funny idea.

Let's challenge ourselfs.Rules: Post three pictures on three consecutive days about 1 topic in one row on…

Gepostet von WeirdCan am Montag, 18. Juni 2018

More stuff on Instagram

I started posting on Instagram. Again. 😉 Take a look onto the sidebar here or follow me on Instagram to get new photos regularly. Maybe even videos from time to time…

I won’t be reposting random pictures here, ’cause that doesn’t make any sense at all. 🙂 Either jump over to Instagram and hit that follow-button or keep your eyes on my Instagram sidebar here. You could also follow me on Facebook of course.

The Beginning

How epic! OK, not really, more like “how embarrassing”. No content yet, take a look at Youtube, VimeoInstagram or Facebook. Maybe you’ll find some stuff there.

Aaaaaand: Content is king. Creativity is king.

Meaning, that it’s more important to be creative and to create content than building a fancy website, a corporate design etc. Why a website when there’s nothing to show? Took me many years to learn this.

There isn’t nobody reading this anyway!